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Conventional Fire Panel Accessory - NetworkInterface
The 2010-1-NB RS485 FireNet network board allows for the creation of a bus mode class-B, or redundant class-A, 32 node network, supporting up to 64 zones. Each node may be a fire panel or a fire panel repeater. When optical fibre is preferred, when cable lengths above 1500 m between nodes are required, or in cases where high levels of EMC are expected, a standard RS485 to fibre converter may be used.
The Panel:
Networking makes it possible to repeat the user interface of any panel as required. There could be various reasons for using a network e.g.
i) if there are multiple exit doors in a building and at each exit door the status of the fire system is required

ii) where the load of the system needs to be spread to safeguard against failure of a single panel

iii) to minimise cabling and installation costs iv) for larger installations where multiple panels are required but yet central control is required at a single location.

Networking is also useful when an existing system needs to be expanded. Instead of replacing a perfectly good panel with a larger one, simply install and additional panel and connect them together in a network. This makes it ideal for cost effective, future expansion.

Standar Features:
  • Class A or B network support
  • Up to 1500 m between nodes
  • May be used for panels and repeaters
  • Up to 32 nodes / 64 zones
  • Plugable connectors
  • Connects directly to the main board
  • Allows networking between conventional and addressable panels
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