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Edge Recording IP Speed Dome
INS-MP2030T is a high-definition, feature-rich outdoor high speed dome camera. With 30X optical and 16X digital zoom, it can capture every detail as desired. Auto-tracking features automatically track the most relevant targets for your application. A total of 3 simultaneous video streams are supported. Each stream is available in several resolution configurations to save network bandwidth.

Intelligent Video Management:
ILDVR offers multiple video management and storage options, including NVR, InVS™, HVR, and Live Center. ILDVR Video Analytics has a variety of tools to increase the effectiveness of security monitoring. It enables people and vehicle counting, perimeter intrusion detection, face recognition, and detection for unattended object or missing object.
Standard Features:
  • 6 pieces of high-power infrared lights, 2 laser lights, no flashlight effect, smart IR distance up to 180m(590’).
  • 360° endless pan range and 0°- 90° tilt range, supports auto-flip, no more surveillance blind area.
  • Max. pan preset speed of 300°/s and max. tilt preset speed of 180°/s.
  • Supports smart auto-tracking of moving objects using built-in video analysis algorithm.
  • Supports 255 presets, supports 5 patrols, each patrol can contain up to 16 presets.
  • Supports 4 patterns, each pattern can contain up to 256 presets.
  • Supports scanning between two presets, area limited.
  • Supporst proportional zoom function, rotation speed can be adjusted automatically according to zoom multiplier.
  • Supports park action, presets/pattern/patrol/pan scan can be invoked automatically after a defined time of inactivity
  • Supports 8 privacy masks on same image.
  • Supports 3DNR, D-WDR.
  • Supports ILDVR Windows platform software HVR Server, Live Center. Supports ILDVR Linux platform devices
  • Supports ILDVR network keyboard IKB-2990.
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