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SONELCO Nurse Call System
Nurse Call & Staff Attack Systems - SONELCO Nurse Call System
The Sonelco P6000 is an advanced system for patient-nurse communication. It is fl exible and scalable, from those with the most basic facilities to those requiring multiple functions.

In all cases, the system provides audible and visual patient call signalling. When a call is made, the room and bed (or bathroom) numbers appear in the control station display and an acoustic signal is heard, in accordance with hospital standard VDE0834.

Also, for the module PH6011, a light appears in the corridor outside the room: red (for a normal call), red and white (a bath call) or fl ashing red and green (emergency call).

In intercom systems, calls can be cancelled directly at the control station, except for bath and emergency calls, which are cancelled in the room, or in the bathroom itself, if so provided. Non-voice system calls cannot be cancelled from the control point, according to hospital standard VDE0834.

The system features vary with the modules used. There are systems with voice communication between carers and patients, and others with a simple light and acoustic signal (with no voice). For the great benefi ts they provide, it is recommended to always install intercom systems, with a display module in the rooms. The benefi ts from such systems are as follows:
  • The module to register presence in a room (PCH6025) means the system knows exactly where the nurse is at all times. So if a call is made while a nurse is attending a patient, the system diverts the call to a room where a nurse is available. This means that the nurse immediately knows about the call.
  • The module PCH6025 display informs the nurse in the room of calls made from another room, and identifi es who is calling (room and bed) and the type of call (normal, WC or emergency).
  • If the module has a microphone/speaker (PCH6022) in the room, the nurse can answer the patient/resident from the control point (PH6000) immediately, thereby reassuring the patient. It avoids the unnecessary movement of staff, as many calls do not require the physical presence of a nurse. It also enables the caregiver to provide general announcements from the control point to all rooms or one room in particular.
  • The PCH6021 module system also allows a nurse attending a patient in one room to answer calls made from another room. This is very useful, as the room modules act like an extension of the control station, allowing immediate care to be given to other patients without unnecessary staff movement.
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