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X-Bio Fingerprint Reader
Access Control Systems - Stand Alone Systems
The X-Bio fingerprint reader is the simplest and most reliable system that you can install, and removes the need for keys, cards and fobs; opening the door is as simple as presenting your finger.
The Panel:
The X-bio is a standalone fingerprint reader package that has been developed for both private and commercial use, and offers a simple, secure solution for any type of installation. The product consists of a Control Panel, which is used to set up the enrolment and deletion of users, and a Scanner unit, used to encode the finger during enrolment and read it during access.

The Panel has a number of relays onboard, to which your door lock(s) may be connected, and to further increase security the Panel and Scanner are digitally paired during the installation process, and so cannot be tampered with.

System Specification:
  • Up to 99 Users
  • Fingerprint Reader
  • Simple
  • Affordable
  • Externally Tested
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