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Xpin/pro Standalone
Access Control Systems - Stand Alone Systems
Xprox-proximity and the Xpin-keypad systems are designed for high traffic locations, with one or more doors needing simple access control.
The Panel:
It is suitable for heavy-duty use and has been built for use in hostile environments. It is a very well made product with no shortcuts in quality. The housing is weather-resistant for residential and commercial purposes, and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It features a robust metal structure for high traffic volumes, and blue backlight keys.

A magnetic contact can be connected to the unit to monitor if the door has been forced or propped open, this can then switch the onboard relay to activate a local alarm.

The system can be connected to a request to exit switch as well as locking devices such as: door strikes,solenoid bolts, electromagnetic locks etc. The x-prox offers double verification for increased security as it requires prox + pin to gain entry. Both models are also equipped with an anti tamper switch at the rear ofthe unit that will alarm if anyone attempts to remove it from the wall.

System Specification:
Product Xprox Xpin
Dimensions 120 x 76 x 22 mm 120 x 76 x 22 mm
Weight 110g 67g
Users 500 500
Supply Voltage 12-24 v DC 12-24 v DC
Current Consumption 610 m A 500 m A
Relay Output 2 @ 2 AMP FORM C 2 @ 2 AMP FORM C
Inputs 2 2
Read Range Up to 8cm N/A
Environment Internal/external Internal/external
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